Information for Parent Carers


All children and young people attending Extratime projects must be registered.  This means a parent carer has filled in a Registration, Personal Needs and Consent forms including those for general medication and emergency medication (e.g. Epipen, Epilepsy Recovery Meds.)  These forms hold all the information required by the projects to maintain the safety and enjoyment of the children/young people whilst in Extratime’s care.

Children/young people for whom a Registration Form has not been completed will not be allowed to attend the projects.

If you are a parent carer who would like some additional help with the forms please get in touch with the office. We have in the past been able to signpost parent carers to an interpreting service if English is not their first language, we can make the forms available in a larger font or you may be able to ask your social worker to complete the forms on your behalf. We are very happy to discuss how we can help and to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Collection: After School Clubs

Children will be collected promptly by a Play Worker at the end of their school day from the designated area or class of their school.  There will be a minimum of one play-worker for every six children. The children will be escorted to the venue where they will be signed in.

It is expected at all times that parent carers will be responsible for the prompt collection of their children.  At the end of each session, children will only be allowed to leave the scheme in the company of a known parent/carer or collector.  This person must be on the Registration Form and if staff are in doubt they are entitled to ask for ID.  The child must be signed out by the person collecting them.

Parent carers must telephone the Supervisor on the club mobile (i.e. not the general Extratime office number) if a child is not going to be attending a booked session.

Drop-off/Collection: Holiday Schemes

It is expected at all times that parent carers will be responsible for the prompt drop-off/collection of their children.  Children/young people must be signed in and out. Parent carers must notify the club supervisor on the club mobile (i.e. not the general Extratime office number) if their child/young person is going to be late or not attending.  Parent carers must give at least 2 weeks notice if they wish to cancel a booking or make amendments to it.  Refunds will not be given if this notice period is not adhered to except under exceptional circumstances.

Please also refer to the registration and collection policies for both the after school schemes and the holiday schemes for more detailed information, especially regarding late pick ups.

Accidents & Incidents

All accidents and incidents will be recorded on an Accident/Incident Form. This form will detail the nature of the accident/incident, when and where it happened, staff involved or who witnessed, the child/young person involved and the course of action taken. This will be signed and dated by a member of staff. Upon collection the parent carer will be notified of the accident/incident and asked to countersign the form to show they are aware it has happened. This will be kept in the child or young person’s file at the project, the parent carer have a copy too if they would like one for their reference.

In cases where the child/young person concerned has communication difficulties and is using community transport, any such reports will be communicated to the parent carer via the club/home news book/form.  Parents carers will be asked to sign a copy of the accident/incident report and return it to the project where it will be kept in the child or young person’s file.

Fire Drill

The following procedure will be discussed every half term (or as needed according to the need of the child/ren) with the children and young people attending the projects using appropriate communication methods for all children/young people concerned:

– On hearing the fire alarm all children/young people and staff are to make their way out of the designated exit and wait at the muster point indicated.

– Play/Youth Workers will ensure that all are safely escorted out of the building. The supervisor will be responsible for bringing the register.  An immediate register check will take place.

– In the event that a child/young person is not present, and providing the fire is not so significant as to pose a threat to life, the supervisor will be responsible for returning to check the building while the Play/Youth Workers maintain the safety of all outside.


Staff will encourage all children and young people to maintain a good level of hygiene: washing hands after the toilet, after messy or food related activities and before eating their snack.  Staff will wash hands before and after handling food.  Anti-bacterial handwash will be used.  Staff will ensure that any child/young person who needs assistance will receive it.

If a member of staff is assisting with a gastrostomy, appropriate training will be given by the local school nurses.

Where children/young people need help with toileting and personal hygiene, this will be given in a dignified and caring manner by the staff concerned. Training will be given by other lead professional such as school nurses or teachers (please also refer to our Safe Touch Policy and the Changing & Toileting procedure.)

Healthy Eating

Due to the varying dietary needs of children and young people, parents carers are asked to provide an appropriate snack and drink for term time attendees.

Those attending holiday schemes are asked to provide a healthy lunch as well as snacks/drinks for both morning and afternoon. Projects will supply drinks such as water and low sugar drinks throughout any session and also basic snacks such as fruit or toast.

We do ask parent carers not to send in nuts due to specific allergies and we recognise that due to those children and young people with ASD/restricted diets may be evident.


Due to the nature of activities children/young people may get messy!  Please ensure your children/young people are dressed appropriately i.e. casual dress, comfortable shoes etc and for those children coming straight from school, a change of clothes would be recommended.

Staffing & Supervision

All staff working at Extratime settings will hold enhanced DBS clearances.

The ratio of workers for children/young people with special needs will vary according to the needs of the children/young people and 1:1 can be provided if needed.  The ratio of staff to children/young people from mainstream schools will not fall below one worker to eight children/young people.  The after school clubs may use volunteers, these will be referenced and DBS checked.

No children/young people will be left alone at any time and will be escorted to the toilet where appropriate. The ratio will be maintained even when the group may split up within the school area to do different activities.


During the opening time of the projects, where practical, the main door of the venues will be locked in order to prevent unsupervised access.  If the children/young people are in a garden area all gates will be kept locked.

There will be no other, non-club based people in the setting while the projects are running unless they are visiting the club or accessing another part of the building while the club is running. Supervisors and the staff teams are aware of those that have authority to be in the building and will otherwise check with any one not known to the club to ensure they have authorisation to be there.  If there is a visitor to the club staff will ensure they  complete the record of visitors form and will be escorted at all times by someone from the staff team.

Smoking, Alcohol & Use of Non Prescription Drugs

There is strictly no smoking (including e-cigarettes), consuming of alcohol or use of non prescription drugs whilst at the project venue by staff, parents or children and young people at any time. Staff that are contracted to work for Extratime are not permitted to smoke at any time – including when staff are out on trips.

Equipment & Materials

The staff will check equipment and materials regularly and carefully to ensure they are safe. Any faults will be noted and repaired or replaced.


Extratime projects are insured for:

  • Public Liability up to £5 million per claim.  This covers legal liability for personal injury or accidental damage to property and legal costs and expenses incurred with the company’s consent.  All in the context of group activities and also covering trips out.
  • Employer’s liability up to £10 million per claim. This covers legal liability for injury to employees and legal costs and expenses incurred with the company’s consent, all in connection with organised and supervised activities.

N.B. The above insurance does not cover liability in the context of adventure playgrounds.

Daily Timetable: After School Clubs

3.15pm – 3.45pm      : Registration, snack time and settling in.

3.45pm – 5.00pm      : Choosing activity – arts and crafts, reading, outdoor play etc.

5.00pm – 5.15pm      : Tidying up.

5.15pm – 5.30pm      : Group wind down time. Getting ready for home time.

(Hawkins Crescent to 6pm finish)

Daily Timetable: Play Schemes (Youth Schemes may vary)

08.45 – 9.15am         : Registration

09.15 – 9.45am         : Welcome, group time

09.45 – 10.30am      : Activities

10.30 – 11.00am      : Snack

11.00 – 12.30pm      : Activities

12.30 – 1.30pm         : Lunch

01.30 – 3.15pm         : Activities

03.15 – 3.45pm         : Short day collection

03.45 – 5.15pm         : Activities

05.15 – 5.30pm         : Tidying-up, wind-down time

05.30 – 5.45pm         : Long day collection


In the event that one of our projects organises an outing the following applies:

– Essential equipment:  The supervisor must ensure the following items are carried: first aid kit (including any emergency medication), register, bottle of water, suntan lotion, accident book, ID for children/young people (e.g. arm bands, badges), snacks where appropriate, money for emergencies, mobile phone, drinks and cups, tissues, a rubbish bag.

– Registration: Where parent carers have given permission for their child/young person to attend a trip on the registration form, this will be sufficient.  Where this is not the case, permission must be sought in writing prior to the trip.  Register to be taken before leaving site, before leaving the trip area and on return to site as a minimum.

Safety: Any rules regarding safe movement and conduct should be discussed with the children/young people prior to leaving the site.  When walking one worker to be up front, one in middle and one behind at all times.  Children/young people to walk in pairs where possible.  Play/Youth Workers should flank the column of children/young people when crossing roads, workers facing the children/young people not the traffic.  Adequate staff ratios will be maintained according to the needs of the group and those that are not mobile.  Where children/young people are in buggies/wheelchairs, staff will ensure that all necessary straps etc. are correctly fastened and that the child/young person is as comfortable as possible during the trip.

Payment of Fees: After School Clubs

Fees are invoiced at the beginning of each half term and need to be settled by the due date indicated on the invoice.  Failure to pay on time could jeopardise your child’s place at club. 4 weeks notice is required when you wish to withdraw your child from club.

Fees can be paid by bank transfer (BACS), cheque, debit/credit card or childcare vouchers.  Please refer to the Booking Form for more information on this or contact the office on 01273 420580.

Please note, if your child is absent for any reason, i.e. ill health, holiday etc, fees are still payable as the place is still allocated and open for your child only. Fees are not charged if there are INSET days or bank holidays on a day when your child is normally booked into club.

The projects are self supporting, which means that your fees pay for staff and all other expenses.  Please pay promptly to ensure the continuing success of the project.

Payment of Fees: Holiday schemes

Fees must be paid in full prior to the start of the schemes.

The balance of fees must then be paid in full by the due date indicated on the invoice.  Failure to pay on time could jeopardise your child’s place at scheme.

Fees can be paid by bank transfer (BACS), cheque, debit/credit card or childcare vouchers.  Please refer to the Booking Form for more information on this or contact the office on 01273 420580.

Please note, if your child is absent for any reason, i.e. ill health, fees are still payable as the place is still allocated and open for your child only.


Extratime is committed to providing an excellent service and working in an open and accountable way that builds trust and respect. Extratime recognises the value of the opinions and views of the children, young people, parents, carers and other stakeholders who use our services, which will sometimes be made as an expression of concern or in the form of a complaint. We encourage feedback and aim to make it easy for service users to raise concerns and make complaints. Our Complaints Policy provides a framework for handling concerns and complaints.

We hope that any concerns or complaints would in the first instance be brought to our attention as outlined in our policy. However, any service user can submit a complaint to Ofsted about Extratime at any time. Ofsted will consider and investigate all complaints and can be contacted at:

Post: The National Complaints Team, Ofsted, Piccadilly Gate, Store Street, Manchester M1 2WD

Telephone: 0300 123 1231 (general enquiries)



Equally, we would love you to share your positive experiences of Extratime with us, so if you have something you would like us to pass on to a member of staff or a particular team please let us know. Our staff are hugely committed to their work and try to go the extra mile to see the children and young people have a great time with us, they would really appreciate your feedback!  Simply contact us via this website.