Why Extratime?

People who benefit from the services we offer

We provide a fun, safe and inclusive environment for children and young people to play and socialise in; something which is sadly not often available for the majority of children we are working with. Many of the children have severe learning difficulties, challenging behaviour, profound/multiple disabilities, autism and significant medical problems which means they need 1:1 support from our team of play workers and volunteers. The children who attend from the mainstream schools learn about living in an inclusive society where everyone is valued as an individual; attitudes that we hope they take with them as they move on.

The recent high profile, Every Disabled Child Matters (EDCM) campaign which aims to get rights and justice for every disabled child has highlighted many issues faced by disabled children and their families.

In 2003, families supporting a disabled child were 2.5 times more likely than other families to have no parent working for more than sixteen hours per week. Carers UK found that 86 per cent of those caring for disabled children under the age of 18 reported their earnings had been affected. Just 16 per cent of mothers with disabled children work, compared with 61 per cent of mothers with non-disabled children.’ EDCM, Disabled Children and Child Poverty, August 2007

Extratime is well placed to overcome these barriers and offer families of disabled children opportunities to reduce their isolation, pursue work and training options, raise standards of living and allow disabled children to reach their full potential in all areas highlighted by Every Child Matters.