Help Save Our Environment and Raise Money by Recycling!

Recycle for extratime !

Here are 4 easy ways that you can support extratime while doing your bit for the environment –

–      Save used stamps from letters and parcels that you receive – we can get £10 for about a pillow case-full.  £10 can buy quite a lot of paint J  Why not ask your friends, family, colleagues to save them too ?

–      Do you use baby wipes ?  We collect the empty packs, take them to the Green  Centre in Brighton and they recycle them for us via Terracycle –  This scheme is sponsored by Johnson’s but any brand (including supermarkets’ own) can be recycled

–      Have you got a new mobile phone ?  What are going to do with the old one – put it in a drawer and forget about it ?  Noooooo – give it to extratime !! We will recycle it through Recycle4Charity – we can get as much as £70 for your old phone.  See for more details

–      Do you print at home ?  If so, then we may be able to recycle your old ink cartridges, depending on the brand that you use.  See for more information and to check whether your cartridges could be recycled.

So – used postage stamps, empty baby wipe packs, old mobile phones and empty ink cartridges – these need never go in your bin again.  Just bring them in to our charity shop (at 15 Station Road – near Peacocks, opposite Iceland – in Portslade) or to one of our clubs or holiday schemes or to our office at Emmaus, and we will do the rest.

If you would like to learn about other ways that you can support extratime, or if you have a fundraising idea for us, please contact Marian Tipler at

Thank you for your support