Steve’s Story

My journey with extratime so far

I first attended extratime`s afterschool club, playscheme and youth scheme at Hillside school when I was 9 years old. I met a group of young people and we all became good friends, we like to always do stuff together and stay together in our little group.

I liked to play football outside a lot and take part in the cooking activities with my friends and also liked to listen to music and take turns on the go-carts in the playground.

It is easy to make friends and continue your friendships within extratime as everyone is very friendly. I am currently enjoying my volunteer work with extratime.

I hope to one day marry Becky`s daughter, Rosie and I also hope to continue my volunteering work for extratime. I am having as much fun as I can at the moment; writing/performing all my songs at, listening to my favourite music, volunteering for extratime and seing all my good friends and learning more about the extratime charity.

I have a fear of not finding a job when I am older at the moment, my ideal job would be to become a car machanic and also helping other people around the world. However, extratime is very good as it is helping me become more independent. I would like to go around the world helping people and collecting equipment, clothes and food for the less fortunate and able. I would also like to do some sponsored activities to help those in need.

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