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How my connection with extratime started and continued

I first attended extratime as an 11 year old child, attending one of the holiday play schemes with my brother and sister. We all had learning difficulties and special needs, and we all attended the schemes until we were too old to carry on.

It was a great play scheme that was so supportive to children with and without special educational needs.

My mum was really pleased too because she hated taking us to play schemes we did not like and where we got bullied.

My mum and I managed to fix up some volunteering for me at extratime doing one day a week which changed to two days whilst I was still in my first year of college studying Level 2 sports leadership award.

I finished my first year of college and had to think of what to study next. My mum helped me to choose what to study next; I chose level 2 childcare which was at a local college (City College). By then I had done two years of voluntary work.

My mum and I then met regularly with my supervisor and the manager of Extratime to discuss my progress and set goals.

After this my mum and I talked to the manager of extratime about the possibility of doing an Apprenticeship in Advance Level 3 in Childcare and education. After long talks with the manager, I was granted permission and had a time limit of two years to complete the course in.

I struggled quite a bit, but was determined to get it done. I had a lot of help from my parents, my supervisor, my deputy supervisor and all my tutors and assessors. This has been the hardest course I have ever done. I felt that I struggled mostly with the theory side of my Level 3 childcare course as there was a lot of written work, but having done the level 2 childcare course, this helped with my knowledge a lot in answering the questions I was given, although I feel I was stronger in the physical part of the course.

In July 2013 I received a trophy and certificate from City College as Apprentice of the year at its City Achievers award ceremony.

After finishing my Apprenticeship, I am now very happy to say that I am continuing on working with extratime as a full staff member (play worker), I really enjoy working for extratime as the staff are lovely to work with, it is a fun environment and I feel very supported by the staff team.

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