What is Extratime all about?

The Extratime projects fill a gap in out of school respite, play and leisure for disabled children and young people particularly those with profound and/or multiple disabilities who are at the biggest risk of disadvantage and social exclusion. The projects are about giving every one a chance to be accepted and included for who they are and helping non disabled children to learn about living in an inclusive society. Extratime is a lifeline to these families who struggle to cope not just with the financial and social disadvantages of caring for a disabled child/young person but with the isolation and frustration that goes with it. It gives them the opportunity to take up training or employment opportunities, helping their financial security and it provides a valuable source of respite. The disabled children and young people get the opportunity to enjoy activities that their non disabled peers take for granted and non disabled siblings have the opportunity to spend time with their parents without them having to meet the needs of the disabled sibling helping with family relationships.

A recent quote from a parent highlights the value they place on extratime;

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for all the work you do with ‘Extratime’ it is really appreciated. I know our daughter has really enjoyed the time she spent at ‘Hillside’ and the YMCA. During the holidays to be able to ‘go to school’ is amazing for children like her because it’s a safe place. Then leaving school and being part of a club at the YMCA was just right for her. She is 19 now and it’s time to move on, but we cannot thank you enough for running these clubs it means so much to the young folk and believe me the parents too. If the kids are happy it means the world to us. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

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