Our training and development team offers training to play, leisure and childcare professionals to facilitate the inclusion of disabled children within their mainstream settings. extratime training promotes inclusive practices from a rights-based perspective that is framed within a social model of disability, working in partnership with disabled children, young people and their families to create more choice and opportunity in play and leisure.

In addition, current government legislation and policies require that children and young people with disabilities are included in all after school clubs, youth groups and other leisure activities.

Extratime offers a range of innovative courses that respond to challenges in providing inclusive services for children and young people with disabilities. Training is on a bespoke basis for a variety of services and professionals who work with children and young people with disabilities.

Filled with ideas and practical tools, our training provides participants with the opportunity to  explore and discuss practical issues and innovative approaches to inclusion.

The courses are developed to meet the needs of a variety of staff and volunteers, including senior managers, primarily in childcare, play and leisure, as well as youth work but would be suitable for any service that is open to children and young people.

NEW courses recently developed include Safeguarding children young people with a disability, and Understanding Autism – for further information please contact us.

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