Parent Carer – [email protected] 2020

Keep doing what you are doing. You all deserve a pat on the back for coming up with so many different ways to engage the kids. As a parent I know how many different things you will have to consider to engage everyone who goes to Extratime. It’s great that you are really thinking about all the kids and trying to involve everyone. You are definitely showing that you are willing to try new things and see what works.

Parent Carer – [email protected] 2020

We really appreciate everything Extratime is doing. It’s lovely that you are reaching out to families and checking we are okay.

Parent Carer – [email protected] 2020

Thank you for calling it’s so lovely of you and good to know that Extratime are still there for my child.

Parent Carer – [email protected] 2020

I’ve been looking for a wider variety of activities and I thought if anyone can think of some fun, new and creative activities it will be Extratime!

Parent Carer – October 2019

You guys are awesome. Thank you for this week. I’d move mountains to have you back at Xmas but I think that isn’t going to be possible!

Parent Carer – October 2019

Thank you so much for accommodating our needs. I really appreciate it.

Maddie – Extratime @ Home

Hello! My name is Maddie and I work as a Play Worker at Woodys After School Club.

Drawing and colouring are some of the things I enjoy that help me stay positive and relaxed at the moment.

I love working for Extratime at Woodys as we are a friendly, caring team. And I love seeing the children having fun, laughing, playing and growing.

Victoria – Extratime @ Home

Hello, my name is Victoria and I work as a Play Worker at Hawkins After School Club.

Whilst at home spending time in my garden makes me happy as well as reading my favourite books.

My favourite thing about working at Extratime is working with the children and seeing them laugh and smile doing the things they love.

Caitlin, Extratime Employee

Since moving to Brighton in September I’ve been eager to rekindle my passion for childcare. I have always found joy in volunteering with children, particularly those with disabilities like myself. It’s really refreshing to work in a place like Extratime, where not only is my disability understood and supported by my colleagues, I’m given the opportunity to understand and support others.


Georgy – Extratime at Home

Hello! My name is Georgy and I work as a Play Worker at Hawkins After School Club.

My favourite thing to do whilst being home a lot is playing with my family; my three year old son, dog and husband and spending time with them and keeping our son active in our garden. Also being able to think of ideas for topics and sessions for when we return to work.

My favourite thing about Extratime is seeing the kids grow, develop and learn new things. It’s really rewarding and makes everything feel worthwhile. Our children have come along so much and seeing each of their own developments and achievements, learning their own little characters and knowing we are making a difference to their day is incredibly heartwarming. We have the best job!