Lorraine & Fionn’s Story

“My lovely boy has severe disabilities and autism and has been going to Extratime for 10 years. He started as a very confused, anxious little boy. He could be angry, violent and opposed to any sort of authority. I cried many times on the phone to Extratime, hoping they wouldn’t exclude him for his challenging behaviour… which included head butting, kicking staff, and his overall position on refusing to comply with most routines. I remember phoning the office and crying, and begging them to keep him.

Their response was quite amazing, especially at that time in my life. They told me that Extratime was an inclusive club where children weren’t judged, and exclusion wasn’t going to happen. I was invited to meet to talk and make plans, which was wonderful.

Over the years Fionn has calmed down, and life for him and all of our family has become much easier… But my gratitude for Extratime and their support is lifelong.”