Sophie, Extratime Employee

‘The children and young people I work with make every day different and interesting, and it’s really amazing to be able to enjoy my work so much, and have so much fun, whilst knowing that I am supporting families and young children that really need our help. I always look forward to coming back to work for Extratime in my uni holidays, and the kids that I’ve formed good relationships with are a huge part of that! Because our job requires us to work so closely as a team, I’ve made great friends at Extratime that make coming to work really enjoyable, and make the long shifts fly by. It’s such a supportive and happy environment to work in – everyone across the schemes and within the office are always happy to help and are so friendly, and it’s so easy to slot into new venues and teams across Extratime because everyone is there for the same reason and you can tell that everyone really loves their job.’